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Giuseppe Scappaticcio


The Designer

Giuseppe Scappaticcio is an italian Web Strategist based in Tuscany, Italy. He has been working for over 10 years in the internet industry, producing a moltitude of professional, innovative, and creative projects for his clients, including corporate branding, website design and web promotions.

He is UI Design Manager at Dada.pro, BU of Dada, internet company in Florence, where he manages an international team of Web Designers.

He founded Digital Cafe in 2007, a multimedia agency providing services for trading companies and independent professionals.

He collaborates as a consultant with Search Marketing agencies, where he is concerned with SEO and SEM activities for distinguished clients.

The Skills

Giuseppe Scappaticcio is able to follow the entire process concerning the building of online brands and web identities: from the marketing plan, to the project specs and documents, to the Information Design, the tech implementation and the measurement of the results: what is named Web Strategy.

He started his professional career as an Interface Designer, with a special interest in multimedia and Flash technology.

Afterwards, he kept on following the advancements of Web Design, concentrating on topics like Web Standards, Usability and Accessibility.

Holding senior positions at many important net-companies, he has been sharpening for years his skills in Front-end Development and gaining wide knowledge of themes like Information Architecture and User Experience Design.

He is also experienced in Search Marketing and Web Analytics.

In the last years he has particulary been focusing on all the features of Web Strategy and - of course - on the skill of talking about himself in the third person :)

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